Forget Disturbia, a Must-See Mystery Gem Picked by Reddit Is So Much Better 

Forget Disturbia, a Must-See Mystery Gem Picked by Reddit Is So Much Better 
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Come and watch it if you’re a fan of suspense!

These days, Netflix ’s global chart is reigned supreme by the 2007 neo-noir thriller titled Disturbia. This Shia LaBeouf’s flick, which follows a teenage boy who starts spying on his neighbors and suspecting that one of them is a serial killer, gradually puts more and more suspense, until the main mystery is solved and the audience is relieved.

Surprisingly, Disturbia’s synopsis is really reminiscent of the plot of another thriller must-watch, and some Redditors believe it’s even better. It also explores the topic of serial killers, but from quite a different angle.

The movie’s story revolves around Julia, a young actress, who relocates to Bucharest with her husband but finds the city unwelcoming. There she learns of a murderer, dubbed the Spider by local media and notorious for decapitating his female victims.

Julia’s fears are enhanced when she notices a mysterious stranger watching her from across the street and then following her everywhere. She’s about to realize she’s already entangled in the Spider’s net and that’s why it’s high time to unveil the killer’s identity.

Cinema lovers can recognize here the leitmotif of stalking, also seen in Sydney Sweeney ’s erotic thriller The Voyeurs (2021), that focuses on a young couple who spy on the lives of their neighbors across the street and offers a bloody final twist too.

Indeed, if you like Disturbia and The Voyeurs, don’t miss the 2022 movie we’re talking about, titled Watcher and starred by the new scream queen Maika Monroe (It Follows, The Guest). Despite the fact it was a box office disappointment back at the time, it is now gaining more and more hype as one of the most strained films of the last few years.

“For me this movie is a masterful example of building a feeling of unease and ominous danger <...> One of the very few movies that made me feel like this so strongly,” admits Redditor @Euphoric_Minimum_602, speaking of this 88%-rated thriller.

If you have already watched Shia LaBeouf’s top-tier gem from 2007, you should definitely give Watcher a try, as it’s available for streaming on Prime and Hulu .