Forget Yellowstone, This Western-Inspired K-drama is About to Blow Your Mind

Forget Yellowstone, This Western-Inspired K-drama is About to Blow Your Mind
Image credit: Paramount+, Netflix

The stakes are higher than you can imagine.


  • Song of the Bandits is a 2023 South Korean television series directed by Hwang Jun-hyeok for Netflix.
  • The series depicts the period of Japanese occupation of Korea, when many had to flee to China and unite to fight for independence.
  • The show was heavily inspired by the Western genre and used its typical plots, character archetypes and tropes throughout the episodes.

Despite the fact that not all viewers prefer too much action on their screens, many remain fans of movies and TV series in the Western genre. Everything from the beautiful visuals to the nostalgic music and familiar tropes brings back many fond memories and a feeling of freedom in the hearts of the audience.

Of course, the Western is a very specific genre for American audiences and American filmmaking industry. However, with a huge number of films that have gained worldwide recognition over the years and taken the position of classics such as Django Unchained, some features of the genre have entered the mainstream of other countries.

Not many people expect to see Western elements in a Korean drama. But together with all the Netflix experts, a show has been released in Korea that will captivate even the most sophisticated fans of the genre.

Where to Watch Song of the Bandits?

Song of the Bandits takes viewers back to the 1920s and introduces them to the history of the Japanese occupation of Korean lands. The characters around whom the story revolves have to fight for their independence in a real war, which obviously puts the stakes higher than any modern show in the genre.

Starring such amazing actors of the Korean entertainment industry as Kim Nam-gil and Seohyun, the show features a whole plethora of action sequences, special effects and amazing scenery, thanks to the quality of the production. The tension that grips viewers in the first episode doesn't dissipate until the finale, making this a perfect binge-worthy series.

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While it's not the only show to incorporate some western elements into its production, it's the first to do so masterfully. Furthermore, Song of the Bandits, which was only recently released in 2023, remains the newest and most impressive Western K-drama out there.

If you are interested in seeing how the Eastern production could beautifully incorporate the Western genre elements into the historically important story, make sure to dedicate 9 hours of your time to this drama. Song of the Bandits is available to stream exclusively on Netflix.