Forgotten 1976 Sci-Fi Gem Is a Master Class in How to Do Dystopia Right

Forgotten 1976 Sci-Fi Gem Is a Master Class in How to Do Dystopia Right
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An old classic worth rewatching right now!

There are many utopian societies created in the world of cinema, and each of them is unique and gives a lot to imagination.

Some are focused on life in new geographical realities, placing people someplace underwater or in outer space. Some movies follow humans being reborn as some other creatures with superpowers. But they all still present us universes far from what we actually live in.

This iconic 1976 sci-fi movie is no exception. Logan's Run is an old movie that takes place far in the future, in the year 2274. It is shown that the life of the people there is almost idyllic, as they do not have to work, but live only for their pleasure, being totally hedonistic.

They live under the dome, which actually makes everything possible for them. But of course there must be something wrong with such a society. The thing is, when the citizens of this utopian city reach the age of 30, they have to undergo a ceremony known as "Carousel."

Of course, it's a simple murder, but the so-called government makes it seem like a chance to be reborn. So it's only natural that even in such a society, some people don't believe in this quasi-religious thing and try to run away.

In order to catch them, there is a special unit where the officers are called Sandmen. One of them, Logan, realizes that there is a mystical place called Sanctuary where the escaped "runners" live after they found a way out of the dome.

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Determined to find out more, he and his friends try to get answers from the main computer, but the machine instead orders Logan to destroy the place and adds several more years to Logan's life to get him closer to the ceremony. That’s why Logan has no other choice than to run away.

The movie has mixed reviews, with some viewers claiming that it’s an iconic must-watch, and some just not getting it at all. Even the movie’s Rotten Tomatoes score is 58%, but that says nothing about how the viewers received it.

“The first half is definitely more interesting because of how batshit crazy it is, but everyone involved is totally committed to this movie, making it a blast to watch. However, the second half is slow and boring until the last twenty minutes or so. But yeah, it's ... interesting,” Redditor fakefries said.

If you want to experience the strange world of Logan's Run for yourself, the movie is available to stream on Prime.