(Frankly Ridiculous) Amount of Money Tom Cruise Earned For Top Gun: Maverick

(Frankly Ridiculous) Amount of Money Tom Cruise Earned For Top Gun: Maverick
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The runaway success of the movie made its star insanely rich, and Tom earned every cent of it.

Top Gun: Maverick, a highly anticipated sequel to the 1986 action film Top Gun, took theaters by storm when it was released almost a year ago in May 2022.

The story follows US Navy Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, portrayed by Tom Cruise reprising his role from the first film, as he trains a new generation of Top Gun graduates for a special mission.

It received incredibly good reviews, scoring 96% from critics and 99% from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, and became a box office hit.

The film managed to gross an astounding $1,481,369,482 worldwide, becoming the second highest grossing film of 2022 behind James Cameron 's Avatar: The Way of Water.

It was also nominated in six categories at the 95th Academy Awards, winning in the Best Sound category.

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The runaway success of the movie has certainly earned its lead actor a ridiculous amount of money.

As one of Hollywood's top stars, Tom Cruise sticks to the traditional approach regarding his salary, getting paid before the box office results.

His base salary for Top Gun: Maverick was $13 million, but on top of that he reportedly got 10-20% of the theatrical gross. And this is where things get really interesting.

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With simple calculations we can assume that at the end of the theatrical run Cruise had a crazy sum of about $161,136,948 to $309,273,896 in his account, depending on which percentage is actually true.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cruise's annual salary is $50 million, so he managed to earn almost three to six times more from a single movie, with his net worth skyrocketing up to $600 million.

It is safe to say that Tom has earned every cent of this astronomical sum.

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Top Gun: Maverick managed to surpass the original film in almost every way and deservedly earned the title of one of the greatest action films of recent years.