From Thor to Wong: Which Avengers Will Bite the Dust in the MCU's Phase 5?

From Thor to Wong: Which Avengers Will Bite the Dust in the MCU's Phase 5?
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The latter half of the MCU's Infinity Saga (Phase 3) featured a lot of important deaths – something that was lacking in the franchise's early years.

The comics upon which the MCU is based were constantly killing off their characters, just to bring them back a few issues later.

Unlike the comics, the films are reliant on actors who don't want to spend a lifetime working on one superhero franchise. That means, for the most part, MCU deaths are permanent.

The first phase of the Multiverse Saga has introduced a whole new set of heroes, likely set to replace many of fans' favorite Avengers.

Despite the rapid inundation of new faces, the MCU hasn't really killed off many original Avengers. The only hero's death was Black Panther – which only happened because of Chadwick Boseman's tragic real-life death.

Fans have debated the characters most likely to die over the coming years.

Drax, Rocket … any of the Guardians

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 trailer promised a dramatic finale to the trilogy, and the feel of the trailer hinted toward it featuring a traumatic death. Several Guardians actors have already said this will be their last role. GOTG Vol. 3 releases on May 5.

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Bucky Barnes

Fans point out that his story is mostly over – he's been cured of his demons in Wakanda and atoned for his sins.

Some fans say the studio isn't interested in developing the character, but after his co-starring role alongside Falcon in their self-titled series, it seems like he has a future. He'll be in Thunderbolts, releasing in summer 2024

Hawkeye and Thor

Both Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner have faced health issues recently – Hemsworth with a gene variant that increases Alzheimer's risk, and Renner with a snow plow accident. Both are fan-favorites who were introduced in 2011's Thor.

Fans have theorized Hawkeye will be called into action in the battle against Kang, saying he's finally retired and recommending Kate Bishop for the job.

Thor, according to fan theories, will be Kang's first kill – establishing how powerful the character is early in his saga.


The MCU has killed off fan-favorite side characters before (Coulson, Aunt May), and Wong is the perfect option.

He's currently Sorcerer Supreme – a title fans know Doctor Strange will take over when it's all said and done. It would be a blow to fans, but it's one that makes sense.

Someone else?

Theories about virtually every character's death have emerged, ranging from new characters like Moon Knight to originals like Nick Fury.

By the time Kang the Conqueror matches up with the Avengers in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, a hero's death seems inevitable.