'Gaslit': Julia Roberts Shines In Starz's Watergate Series, Here's What Critics Are Saying

Image credit: Starz

Looks like Watergate is still a hot property for TV with new Julia Roberts and Sean Penn series 'Gaslit' premiering on Starz to great reviews from critics.

The TV show, based on the life of the scandalous Martha Mitchell (wife of John Mitchell, attorney general under Richard Nixon), has received a certified freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 86% as of this moment.

Firstpost's Tatsam Mukherjee praised the series for the originality of its subject, saying that "as odd as it may sound, no film or show has delved into a portrait of the perpetrators (beyond Nixon) behind the Watergate scandal. And that's where Gaslit captures the conversation in an effective way." TV Line's Dave Nemetz congratulated the show for its choice of protagonists, stating that "'Gaslit' is a wickedly entertaining and irreverent look at an infamous slice of American history that none of these characters are particularly proud to be a part of."

A-list actors Roberts and Penn are the main topic of conversation, with Anne Brodie of What She Said noting that "Roberts and Penn's sizzling chemistry contribute to the high entertainment value of 'Gaslit'," and Vogue's Taylor Antrim praising Roberts' performance, concluding that "she doesn't disappoint."

All in all, it looks like Starz managed to make a suspenseful and exciting series, or, as The Guardian's Rebecca Nicholson put it, "'Gaslit' has taken its ample ingredients and turned them into a very good, very watchable drama that steadily finds its feet."

The first episode of 'Gaslit' premiered on Starz yesterday, April 24.

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