'God of War' TV Series Seemingly Confirmed By Sony Execs

Image credit: Sony

It looks like video game fans will finally experience Kratos' story in a live-action series, which has reportedly already begun pre-production.

The ruthless bald Spartan first appeared as the protagonist of the video game 'God of War' in 2005, and his doomed quest to kill all existing Greek gods had millions of fans buying each new game detailing his struggle. Known for its excessive violence and great action, the series has always caught Hollywood's attention, but no movies were made at the time. With the 2018 release of 'God of War' revamp, which sent Kratos into the Scandinavian wilderness, news of an upcoming film adaptation resurfaced yet again, and this time it looks like it will finally become a reality.

At a recent briefing for Sony investors, studio executives revealed their future plans for several IPs, including 'God of War'. During the presentation, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan reportedly confirmed that Kratos' story is being developed as a series for Amazon Prime.

Fans have long argued about who could play Kratos, with some suitable actors discarded for being too much of a meme.

Aside from the announcement that the series is in production, Amazon and Sony have yet to announce additional details, including the cast.

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