Gotham Knights is The Reason Why Castiel Wasn't in The Winchesters Finale

Gotham Knights is The Reason Why Castiel Wasn't in The Winchesters Finale
Image credit: The CW

The tight schedule did not allow another iconic reunion to happen.

Although The Winchesters season finale was very well-received by the majority of Supernatural fans and tied two universes of both shows perfectly in one multiverse, many still question some of the creative decisions.

From the very beginning, the spinoff was criticized because of the seemingly alternative story of the Winchester brothers' parents, because it did not make a lot of sense to those who watched Supernatural.

Later, to said criticism added the fact that only half of the duo would make a comeback: while Dean Winchester would return to screens, his brother Sam would not.

Now, after everyone had a chance to watch the finale, this decision makes total sense. Dean would be the one traveling through universes after his death and looking for a happier future for their parents.

However, there was one person who could be joining Dean on this journey – Castiel. As a fan-favorite, Castiel would be a perfect addition to the episode, making The Winchesters and Supernatural fans even happier with its ending.

In his interview with KSiteTV, Misha Collins, who portrayed Castiel from the very beginning of the character being introduced, said that he was actually approached to make an appearance.

The only reason that couldn't happen is his busy schedule filming for Gotham Knights.

"Jensen and I had conversations about it, and if there's a Season 2 or beyond for Winchesters, we could certainly figure out how to make that happen," the actor teased, still leaving a place for hope for a reunion in fans' hearts.

Both Gotham Knights and The Winchesters are part of the CW network. While Gotham Knights is set to premiere on the 14 of March 2023, The Winchesters' fate is less than certain.

Although fans are demanding the show be renewed, The CW stays quiet about its status, neither confirming nor denying anything.