'Grey's Anatomy' Finale Just Gave A Major Japril Update

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Fans of the ABC medical drama are raving about the new developments surrounding the fan-favorite former couple Jackson and April, shown in the Season 18 finale.

'Grey's Anatomy' fans were rather uneasy before episodes 399 and 400 of the series, knowing that both Jesse Williams's Jackson and Sara Drew's April would return to the show to mark these landmark episodes. After a heartbreaking breakup, Jackson and April left the series, as if to officially confirm that their relationship was over. But things seem to be getting better, as the recently aired season finale opened a new chapter for the beloved couple.

After returning from Boston to Seattle, Jackson and April visited Grey Sloan Hospital to save its residence program, and even though it failed, fans were still happy to get an update on the seminal relationship between these characters. It seems that the couple did manage to rekindle their relationship in Boston, and they looked quite happy in each other's company. But longtime viewers still weren't sure they were going to be together until that brutal cliffhanger scene when Jackson and April finally kissed in the elevator. Yay, Japril is most definitely back!

As you might expect, fan reaction to the fact that the beloved characters would finally get back together was more than wild.

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