Guillermo Del Toro Has Nothing But Applause for 10-Year Old Horror Gem No One Saw: ‘Truly Unique’

Guillermo Del Toro Has Nothing But Applause for 10-Year Old Horror Gem No One Saw: ‘Truly Unique’
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And that’s the recommendation we should probably pay attention to.

The genre of pseudo-documentary film, elevated to absolute popularity thanks to The Blair Witch Project and the unimaginable success of Paranormal Activity has been conquering cinemas around the world for several years now. The undisputed leader in this genre, Hollywood, released such horror films as Quarantine, Evidence, Devil’s Due, and at least a dozen other projects.

Then the banner was taken up by the Spanish, who became the leaders of European cinema in terms of horror films. They, in turn, became known for such found footage films as Rec and Atrocious.

However, this did not suit the British filmmakers, who had always been famous for their horror projects, just one step behind their Hollywood counterparts. Of course, British directors could not help but turn their attention to the pseudo-documentary popularity, and in 2013 they released one of the best films in this subgenre – The Borderlands.

What is The Borderlands About?

The plot takes place in a remote English town that seems to be frozen in time. The main characters of the movie are a team of Vatican specialists, a kind of myth-busters, who investigate cases of supernatural miracles around the world, in one way or another connected with the Christian religion.

This time, Deacon, Gray and their leader, Father Mark, go to an old church on a hill near the town to find out if the events that happened there some time ago are true. During a baptismal ceremony, paraphernalia suddenly began falling from the altar, and it was caught on video.

Now experts will have to find out whether the highest heavenly powers really honored the provincial church with their presence, or whether the local priest simply decided to draw attention to himself. But there remains a third possibility – the characters may have to deal with an ancient horror beyond their control.

The Borderlands Was Approved by Guillermo del Toro

The movie was even praised by one of the horror masters of our time, Guillermo del Toro. The director shared his impressions on his X account:

“A truly unique film: erudite and absorbing. […] An unknown gem.”

The Borderlands Makes Found Footage Genre More Chilling Than Ever

Even with such a familiar and standard found footage formula, one that fans of the genre have seen many times before, the creators still managed to find something to make the viewer sweat with fear. Moreover, the performances of the little-known actors are natural and convincing, making you root for the characters as they face their nightmares.

Guillermo Del Toro Has Nothing But Applause for 10-Year Old Horror Gem No One Saw: ‘Truly Unique’ - image 1

The cinematography and the found footage genre itself add a chilling level of realism that makes you feel like you're right there with the crew. Without spoiling anything, it's worth saying that the ending will surprise even the most seasoned horror fans, and the distinctly Lovecraftian motifs in the script add originality to the plot.

In addition, The Borderlands has a fairly high Rotten Tomatoes rating for a horror movie, at 82%.

Overall, The Borderlands is a rare and underrated gem in the found footage horror genre, with a unique plot, strong acting, and a haunting atmosphere. And approved by Guillermo del Toro himself.

Source: Guillermo del Toro on X