Guillermo Del Toro May Adapt Lovecraft's Best Horror And Fans Are All In

Guillermo Del Toro May Adapt Lovecraft's Best Horror And Fans Are All In
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The iconic director has been fighting for two decades now to bring Lovecraft's best horror novel to life, and there is no sign that he will be giving up.

The movie version of At the Mountains of Madness was talked about in the mid-2000s, started to take shape in the early 2010s, but then things quieted down.

But Guillermo Del Toro still has some plans. As the director himself said, since the completion of the At the Mountains of Madness project, he has been wearing a special ring and does not plan to take it off until he finishes this movie.

The director noted with a laugh that he might even have to be buried with the ring. However, fans hope that it will not come to that and the viewers will be able to enjoy the director's adaptation of the horror novel.

Lovecraft writes about a polar expedition that finds an abandoned city in the ice. The scientists are equipped with the best tools of their time.

But no equipment will help them here, on the ruins of an ancient civilization, where horror itself lives in the flesh. The men of science, always listening to the arguments of reason, are seized by horror of the inexplicable.

The gradual advance deep into the icy silence reveals to them facts about the distant past of our planet, which would be better not to disturb.

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Conventional wisdom holds that Lovecraft's works are almost impossible to film, as the author frightened his readers with the invisible and inexplicable, literally what the average person cannot even comprehend.

However, it is At the Mountains of Madness that breaks away from this concept, as there are quite mundane monsters in the novel, and they are described in some detail.

"AtMoM is easily among the most "cinema friendly," as it is a story with very strong visuals. The majestic antarctic landscapes, the mountains themselves, the city of the Elder Things and a very detailed description of the creatures (uncharacteristic for Lovecraft). I remain skeptical, but it's one of the stories that definitely could work, if done right," Reddit user Hansafan commented.

Fans believe that it is Del Toro who will perfectly cope with the task of adapting the novel.

The Shape of Water and Nightmare Alley received positive reviews from ordinary viewers, where the director perfectly conveyed the eerie atmosphere of human interaction with the terrible otherworldly.

"That being said if there was ever a movie that needed to be seen before I die, it is Del Toro's vision of AtMoM," Reddit user inappropriate_hugs said.

However, while there are no exact details and information, fans can only follow the news and hope that Guillermo Del Toro will eventually get his way.