Halbrand is Not Sauron, But Still a Future Baddie, Reddit Theory Suggests

Halbrand is Not Sauron, But Still a Future Baddie, Reddit Theory Suggests
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Maybe he is not the biggest villain, but this guy is clearly not so simple.

One of the most suspicious and "Sauron-looking" characters, Halbrand might not be the show's big bad guy after all — but it doesn't mean that everything is sunshine and rainbows about him.

According to the newest Reddit theory, Halbrand is not Sauron but is still connected to the dark side. If he is indeed who he is believed to be — the lost South Land's king — then it is highly possible that he will end up being... a Nazgul.

Nazguls were essentially the nine kings representing different races, and among them was a king of men. While other races seem to be quite clear in the show, there is no king of men in sight — unless Halbrand is indeed one.

"Everyone is following the hype and looking for the character Halbrand will become, but from a writing perspective, it makes perfect sense that he is who he says he is. In fact, it would make little sense to the narrative and structure of the series if he was anything but," the theory author, Redditor TheMediocreCritic, says.

Essentially, the theory continues, The Rings of Power shows us the ring bearers before they received the rings, and Halbrand being one of them simply fits the narrative.

However, there are many fans who still believe that Galadriel's human friend is Sauron in disguise, even though new episodes of the show don't seem to be adding credible evidence to this point. One of the most suspicious thing about him, according to this theory supporters, is how he said that looks can be deceiving first thing after he was introduced in the show.

Still, the uncertainty around Sauron's identity remains one of the biggest mysteries in The Rings of Power, with more than five characters under fans' suspicion.

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