Harry Potter Could've Become So Many Things Other Than What He Actually Became

Harry Potter Could've Become So Many Things Other Than What He Actually Became
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We can all agree that, throughout the entire franchise, Harry Potter's been through a lot.

Having spent most of his school years (and a spare moment while an infant) fighting the most notorious Dark wizard of Magical Britain has taken its toll on him, and he definitely deserved a life-long break after the final battle… Right?

Apparently, J.K. Rowling didn't think so: she claimed that Harry became an Auror, a professional Dark wizard hunter.

Like he didn't have enough trouble for his entire life when he was young, but he totally did. That's why many fans believe he should've become someone else other than an Auror — and here are some suggestions.


Ever since Harry first touched the broom, he was in love with flying. He quickly became Hogwarts' youngest Seeker and performed exceptionally well in quidditch.

There's at least one mention of his stress melting away as soon as he gets to fly in almost every book.

Also, his wife Ginny became a professional quidditch player, and they've always been a power couple on the field — it could definitely help, too.

Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher

Hogwarts has always been Harry's real home, so he could've become a teacher there. DADA was his favorite discipline, and he was good at it.

He would've been an excellent practice-oriented DADA teacher — remember, he already had experience with teaching Dumbledore's Army.

It would've been pretty poetic, too, since this was the position Voldemort wanted so badly that he cursed it after being rejected.


Bear with us for a second, OK? Harry saved old Ollivander who was badly injured and had no children. The Ollivander family legacy would've died with him, so he needed a protege.

Considering Harry's already solid knowledge, he could've learned from the old man and inherited his wand-making business, allowing him to continue his service to the people while not involved in the Ministry's bureaucracy.

House husband

Harry always hated the spotlight and totally had his share of battles and losses. Now that he had a wonderful loving family, there was no need for him to work — he could just chill, considering that he was both famous and rich.

Spending time with his kids and wife, maybe participating in some charities, sometimes getting involved in Hogwarts or the Ministry… A peaceful life, just the kind he deserved.


Apart from the Aurors, there's another interesting option for Harry in the Ministry: becoming an Unspeakable.

Dumbledore claimed that Harry and Voldemort had "journeyed together into realms of magic hitherto unknown and untested."

He could've joined the Department of Mysteries to learn more about the magic that defined his life… Or about the Veil that took Sirius.

Of course, Harry becoming an Auror also makes sense, especially if he never got rid of his hero complex. But there were many other, more interesting options!