Harry Potter Movies Wasted a Chance to Make Voldemort Even Creepier

Harry Potter Movies Wasted a Chance to Make Voldemort Even Creepier
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Believe it or not, the wizarding world's biggest villain could have been even more intimidating.

The Harry Potter movies famously went for turning Lord Voldemort into a snake-like creature who did not have any nose and looked like a human version of a reptile.

With Ralph Fiennes making sure to make the character as intimidating as he could, some fans believe up to this day that the movies could have made Voldemort even creepier without actually having to spend much on make-up and visual effects.

For instance, Redditor Mountain-Inside5391 pointed at a certain moment in the Half-Blood Prince book when Tom Riddle seemed to be absolutely terrifying without looking like a reptile.

In fact, it was only about how his "eyes flashed scarlet at her [Hepzibah Smith's] words, and Harry saw his knuckles whiten on the locket's chain."

It was when Riddle's true nature briefly surfaced as he was trying to get his hands on the cup that once belonged to Helga Hufflepuff. According to fans, Voldemort could have worked a lot better in the movies if he was scary solely due to his "serial killer" vibes.

While it's understandable why the movies went for the snake-like appearance, fans regret that the films included few Voldemort's memories. For many people, Tom Riddle was even scarier than Voldemort at a sense, and it's a pity the movies never actually explored that part of his personality much.

"As Voldemort, being out-in-the-open evil and thinking he's all-powerful, he tends to overlook certain things that end up being his downfall. But as Tom Riddle, still trying to claw his way to the top, he knows how to play people's emotions with pinpoint accuracy, the serpent in disguise ready to strike. He's eerily effective at getting what he wants, not with force but with charm," Redditor Astraea802 explained.

The lack of exploration of Voldemort's past still bugs fans to this day, with the movies never delving too deep into Tom Riddle's history, only showing memories that were absolutely necessary for the plot.

But now that Warner Bros. has dropped hints at the potential future of the Harry Potter franchise, who knows, maybe it's a good thing to be explored in, say, a Voldemort spinoff?..