Harry Potter Was Wrong: Ron Always Wanted Ginny and Him Together

Harry Potter Was Wrong: Ron Always Wanted Ginny and Him Together
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When Harry started fancying Ginny, he was scared for their friendship with her brother Ron — but the truth is, Ron spent years trying to get this couple together.


  • When Harry Potter fell in love with Ginny Weasley, he feared that Ron would not take his feelings lightly and would end their friendship.
  • Harry spent several months eating himself for wanting to be with his best friend’s sister, but in reality, he had nothing to be scared of.
  • By that time, Ron had spent a couple of years trying to get Harry and Ginny together since he knew his best friend was a great person.

Harry Potter has always been rather ignorant of all things amorous, but the peak of his delusion happened when he fell in love with Ginny Weasley. Harry thought his best friend Ron would kill him if the two started dating, but he was simply oblivious to the fact that Ron was literally throwing Ginny at him for several years already.

Harry Potter Was Horrified When He Fell for Ginny

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Ginny Weasley fancied The Boy Who Lived since the first time she saw him, but it was childish and naive love based on nothing but a glance. Some few years had to pass before Ginny grew up and stopped obsessing over Harry Potter, and ironically, it was Harry himself who fell in love with his former adoring fan soon after.

Harry’s feelings were way more mature. They were not based on Ginny’s looks but rather on her personality: having spent weeks in the Burrow, Potter Jr. got to know his best friend’s sister pretty well, and she won him over with her confident and independent spirit. But the catch was that she was just that: his best friend’s sister.

Poor Harry Potter fought many a battle throughout the next few months after he realized that he wanted to be with Ginny. Time and time again, he dreamed of her and had to cut his own wings, reminding himself that she was Ron’s little sister. Scared for his friendship with Ron, Harry decided to keep his feelings in check.

All the while, he was hilariously oblivious to Ron’s true disposition!

Ron Tried to Match-Make Harry and Ginny for Years

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Harry was mortally terrified of offending his best friend Ron by going out with his sister — but the truth is that by that point, Ron had spent a couple of years almost throwing Ginny into Harry’s arms. Sometimes, his hints were so blatant that Harry deliberately chose to ignore them; but when feeling came into play, he forgot it all.

Back when Ginny was still obsessed with Harry, Ron joked about it a few times — like in The Chamber of Secrets when he teased his sister that she had competition for the Chosen’s attention in Moaning Myrtle. That was Ron goofing about, but a few years later, he seemingly started to fancy the idea of Harry and Ginny together.

In The Goblet of Fire, when Harry and Ron couldn’t find dates for the Yule Ball, the latter suggested that his friend went out with Ginny. It wasn’t his best attempt yet, but he said it was, quote, the “perfect time to set his sister up with his best mate.”

A year later, in the finale of The Order of the Phoenix, Ginny broke the news that she broke up with Michael, her boyfriend. Guess how Ron reacted? He advised his sister to “pick someone better next time” while giving Harry a “furtive look.” A furtive look!

It was crystal clear at that point that for Ron, Ginny ending up with Harry seemed like the best possible outcome. All the time that Harry was battling his inner “monster,” terrified to lose a friend, Ron would have been ecstatic if he asked Ginny out. While it might sound weird, he knew his best mate as a noble and decent person who would never offend his younger sister, unlike the various buffoons she was dating then.