Has The Rookie Been Renewed for Season 7 or Not?

Has The Rookie Been Renewed for Season 7 or Not?
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Why is Nathan Fillion’s lead character still called a rookie six seasons into the show?


  • Since its 2018 premiere, ABC’s The Rookie has been a strong and reliable performer for the network.
  • In Season 1, Nathan Fillion’s lead character, John Nolan, joined the LAPD as its oldest rookie ever.
  • Six seasons in, Nolan is now a seasoned police officer, and The Rookie keeps going strong as it was recently renewed for Season 7.

ABC boasts some of the most popular TV shows ever in its portfolio, from Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family to Lost and Castle. But out of the network’s biggest hits, only the former is still on air, and that’s where the latter’s star came in clutch: Nathan Fillion, famous for portraying the titular character in Castle, swooped in to save ABC’s viewership once again in 2018 with his then new TV show, The Rookie.

The Rookie Became an Instant Hit

We often refer to Nathan Fillion as one of the most talented yet overlooked TV stars, but Castle finally revealed his brilliance to a larger audience — and The Rookie cemented his status. In a world full of police procedurals, Fillion’s best current show found the perfect balance between drama, crime, and comedy just like Castle did.

The Rookie became an instant hit and has shown surprising consistency over the years: across its six seasons, the show has an average Audience Score of 73% of Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb gives it an even better score of 8.0/10, something very few TV shows in the all-too-mundane and predictable genre of police procedurals have.

With The Rookie Season 6 finished, there’s only one question the show’s fans have on their minds: will there be a Season 7?

The Rookie Renewed for Season 7

Fortunately, thanks to its consistent quality and compelling characters, The Rookie remains popular even six seasons in — and thus, it remains a steady and reliable performer for the ABC network.

According to the latest THR report, The Rookie was officially renewed for Season 7 which will come around in 2024–2025 per schedule.

Arguably, the main gimmick of the show is long gone: Nathan Fillion’s John Nolan being the oldest rookie in the LAPD history was incredibly amusing to watch, but by now, he’s far beyond that status. Nolan is now a seasoned officer, but this doesn’t make the show worse as he’s still just as lovable, funny, good-natured, and relatable.

Besides, it’s too late to rename the ABC series into The Veteran now that The Rookie has become such a big brand, so we’ll just roll with it… Into Season 7!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter