Haunted Mansion Finally Addresses Big Madame Leota Mystery

Haunted Mansion Finally Addresses Big Madame Leota Mystery
Image credit: Legion-Media

While some fans are asking where is Eddie Murphy, others are trying to figure out why Madame Leota is no longer a crystal ball.

In the recently released trailer for the Haunted Mansion, we finally get to see Jamie Lee Curtis' Madame Leota in all of her glory.

The Haunted Mansion was released in 2003. Although billed as a horror, it has become a family favorite movie for many.

And Madame Leota, the sharp-tongued green crystal ball, though one of the most striking characters, never revealed her story, including how she became a floating head.

Fans have their suspicions that this time the writers will shed some light on her mysterious past because they have some material.

Madame Leota's first character appearance was at Disneyland, where she already was in a ball form, advertising her psychic services and summoned the spirits of the manor.

In the Magic Kingdom, she had a broader background. It became known that Leota was most likely related to the Gracey family and was buried somewhere on the property of the mansion.

Also on the grounds of the mansion visitors can find Leota's souvenir shop, Memento Mori, where anyone can delve even deeper into the history of Leota.

According to legend, Leota was originally a Salem Witch, and it was she who, for some unknown reason, started the notorious Salem Witchcraft Trials.

Unlike many others, she was able to escape the massacre and flee to New York. It was there that she opened her first Memento Mori store and had her first meeting with the Gracey family, though under what circumstances is still unknown.

Fans will probably have all the answers since Leota appears in the trailer as a woman with limbs. The audience is more than excited about the upcoming movie because this time, judging by the trailer, the movie turned out to be grimmer and scarier.

"Looks much better than the 2003 film starring Eddie Murphy. I didn't like the campy and goofy approach compared to the original attraction's emphasis on it's dark humor, gothic tone, and darker lighting. That film really downplayed the scarier elements and focused more on Eddie Murphy's scared reactions played for comedy," Reddit user brb1006 commented.

Haunted Mansion hits theaters July 28, and fans are ready for "serpents, spiders, tail of a rat, call in the spirits, wherever they're at! Rap on a table. It's time to respond. Send us a message from somewhere beyond!"