Here Are Some Of The Best Fans' Pitches For 'Batman' Sequel Titles

Image credit: Legion-Media

While it's unclear whether Robert Pattinson will put on a black cape once more, fans are already demanding studio execs to make a bunch of movies starring Pattinson as Bruce Wayne – with their suggested numbers sometimes nearing ten.

There is no announced Batman sequel yet, but fans have already rolled out their best suggestions. Although sometimes they might be a tad too ironic.

How many references can you spot?

Raise your hands if you want "vengeance" to be in the title of the sequel – should it be announced, of course.

The multiverse we deserve.

However, some fans are pretty serious about it, having their logos ready.

Fans praised Robert Pattinson as one of the best actors to portray the masked vigilante, demanding that he gets at least four, no, six, no, eight movies. However, a potential sequel currently remains unannounced, although Matt Reeves signaled he is ready to bring the iconic DC superhero back on screens.

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