Here's How Much Screen Time Bryan Cranston Will Get in 'Better Call Saul' Final Season

Here's How Much Screen Time Bryan Cranston Will Get in 'Better Call Saul' Final Season
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'Breaking Bad' star has just divulged how much time Walter White will spend on the final season of Bob Odenkirk-led show.

AMC continued to leverage its Vince Gilligan-created franchise by creating a hit show after the original series ended. But since the second installment of the final season of 'Better Call Saul ' will premiere in a few days, the cable network decided to end the story with a bang by inviting Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to make brief appearances in subsequent episodes. But it looks like some fans who were expecting a simple cameo by these busy actors ended up getting it wrong, as new information about the length of their appearances has emerged.

Speaking on the Sirius XM Basic! Podcast (via Screen Rant), Cranston revealed quite a bit, detailing his time on the set and the number of scenes he would be starring in.

"There's a scene that Aaron is in without me. And there's a scene where I'm in without him. And then there's a scene where we're both in. So, there's three scenes to come. It's pretty cool. But to be honest with you — because we shot everything in a bubble and completely out of sequence — I don't even know what episodes we're in. You're gonna find out," Cranston said.

Of course, no details of the narrative are being reported at this time, so fans decided to fantasize a bit by imagining Saul meeting Walter and Jesse, which resulted in some really weird but delightful ideas.

"Flash forward: Saul as Gene is flipping through the channels one night and comes across a Dateline/American Greed type show that re-enacts the story of Breaking Bad. Cranston and Paul are just the typical re-enactors shows like that use in the roles of Walter and Jesse." – @swn140.