Here's How Seasmoke Compares in Size to Caraxes and Syrax

Here's How Seasmoke Compares in Size to Caraxes and Syrax
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Seasmoke proved an instant hit with fans the moment he swooped in, ridden by Laenor Velaryon, and changed the course of the Battle of Stepstones.

But just how big is Seasmoke?

This is an interesting question, and one to which there is no totally correct answer.

In the original books, he was similar in size to Tessarion, which would place him somewhere towards the lower end of the size spectrum.

But in the series, he appears to be more like the size of Syrax. That would make his body dimensions broadly similar to those of a blue whale, with each wing not far off the same size.

Comparing both Syrax and this iteration of Seasmoke with Caraxes, we would have to say they are similar, but with Caraxes having a definite size advantage. Maybe we'd describe him as roughly equivalent to a particularly large blue whale.

Dragons in Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon come in vastly varying sizes – from the monstrous Belerion to the unnamed last dragon, a green and sickly female.

Seasmoke, along with Caraxes and Syrax, (if we go with House of the Dragon versions) would sit roughly halfway between Balerion and the last dragon if they were all lined up in size order.

One thing that makes both Caraxes and Syrax stand out from Seasmoke is experience. When we first encounter Seasmoke, he is a young dragon. And while he clearly has fighting agility, the other two are far more battle-hardened. If they went up against each other one-on-one, the chances are that most gamblers would back the older adversary against Seasmoke.

But there is something for said for being nimble in the air – and perhaps having the fearlessness of youth on his side. So, an argument could be made for either combatant to be the favorite.

Of course, it's clear from the outset that Seasmoke is a fan of dragonflame – his pirate-roasting entrance being clear evidence that it's a major weapon in his armory!

And, of course, he was the hero of the hour in episode 3, rescuing Daemon from the Crabfeeder's army with Caraxes nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps even more important in judging a dragon than their size, though, is the bond they have with their rider.

This is clear with the deep connection we see between Caraxes and Daemon in series 1, and the touching moment shared by Syrax and Rhaenyra at the funeral of Aemma.

And the bond between Seasmoke and Laenor appears just as strong.