Here's List of Every 'Supernatural' Easter Egg in 'Walker' S02E14

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You simply cannot have an episode of 'Walker' directed by Jensen Ackles and starring Jared Padalecki without a bunch of 'Supernatural' Easter eggs.

You have been warned – there will be a handful of homages to 'Supernatural' in 'No Such Thing as Fair Play', because everyone seems to have silently agreed that this 'Walker' episode is the behind-the-scenes reunion of the Winchester brothers.

Well, neither Jared Padalecki, nor Jensen Ackles have let you down. Here are the things from episode 14 of 'Walker' that will have you squealing as an SPN fan.

Plate of bacon

The first Easter egg arrived almost at the very beginning of the episode. Because everyone knows that a large plate of bacon is the best way to start the day – that's what Dean Winchester taught us.

Padalecki himself was quick to point at the Easter egg in his Twitter account.

Green cooler

The only thing Dean and Sam could call their true home was Impala, and we'll remember that forever. And, of course, we remember every little thing the brothers kept in their car – including the iconic green cooler.

And look what's there!

Beer bottles

What else could be in that cooler. Sure.


Sometimes fans are eager to see Easter eggs even if the creators did not intend to put them there, but who knows, right? This episode just asks for such parallels.


Everyone who still remembers 'Carry On My Wayward Son' by heart – hold back your tears. Or don't. Because it's emotional.

Oh and by the way, Jensen Ackles himself appeared in the episode as well, noticed by some eagle-eyed fans. But it takes some effort to find him quickly.


Finally, the names of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in the credits of a show make a decent Easter egg in and of itself, right?

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