Here's the Most Disturbing Thing About New 'Chip 'n Dale' Movie (It's Not Even Ugly Sonic)

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There are so many questions that we don't actually want to know the answers to.

If you have been enjoying your day being blissfully unaware that Gadget and Zipper from 'Chip 'n Dale' canonically share kids... well, sorry to ruin it for you.

Yes, it is, in fact, true. These two did actually procreate, and their kids are half-mice, half-flies. To those who used to ship Chip and Gadget together but constantly remind themselves that chipmunks and mice can't mate – you okay there? Neither are we.

Do the writers feel sorry? Not a single bit.

"[...] That weird, interspecies sort of romance always I find to be a very funny detail that is just sort of assumed into a lot of cartoons," the movie's writer Dan Gregor told The Hollywood Reporter when the outlet reached out for the explanation. "So, to actually get to answer that very weird question of like, "OK, alright, you think they should be a couple? OK, well, this is what's gonna happen to their kids."

So it's not disturbing at all, huh? It's romance, guys. Just a love story with a beautiful result.

People who grew up with Chip, Dale and their friends could do nothing but flock to Twitter for emotional support.

You still want to watch 'Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers'? Feel free to check it out on Disney Plus right now, as you're unlikely to be surprised by Ugly Sonic or anything else after this anyway.

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