Here's What Might Happen in 'Stranger Things' If Vecna Is Defeated

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Looks like there's hope for all his victims after all.

Vecna, the main villain of 'Stranger Things' season 4, is responsible for the deaths of many kids from Hawkins. Not only has he violently murdered a couple of students but also he apparently possesses Max's conscience to the point where even El is unable to detect it.

With Vecna death toll already being pretty impressive and including some of fan favorites, people hope that there is a way for them to be brought back. When it comes to Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), who has fallen victim to Vecna's demobats, fans come up with extensive theories, up to him turning into a vampire, only to see him coming back one day.

But there is hope that the death of Vecna can potentially be a chance for all of his victims to come back. New fan theories emerge as people recall how Henry Creel said that the children in the lab that he murdered were "not dead", but rather in his head.

If he actually meant what he said, then there is a chance that his victims might be free of his reign as soon as the Hawkins gang figures out a way to defeat him.

However, such a theory only seems to provide hope for Max to come back – as her physical body wasn't as badly damaged as those of Chrissy, Patrick and Fred. The rest of Vecna's victims were disfigured by him, and even if their minds are still trapped in his lair, there has to be a way to bring the physical bodies back for his victims to truly have another chance.

Still, the speculations have been fueled after Finn Wolfhard, who portrayes Mike Wheeler in the show, dropped a certain hint at a fan convention in Canada. During Fan Expo in Toronto, interviewer mentioned how Eddie and Chrissy were dead, only for Finn to add a sneaky "for now".

Either Wolfhard seems to know something that we don't, or it's just a way to keep the hype for season 5 real. The fifth chapter is going to be the final one for 'Stranger Things', with the writing for the season already being underway.

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