Here's Why 'Better Call Saul' Finale Was So Surprising, According to Co-Creator

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You thought this show was going to simply let thing be as they seemed?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Better Call Saul' finale

Who could have thought that Saul Goodman was going to get caught, negotiate himself a remarkably pleasant seven-years deal by masterfully manipulating people around him — and then call it quits and come clean in the courtroom, essentially turning back from Saul to Jimmy?

Yet this is exactly what happened in 'Saul Gone', the emotional 'Better Call Saul' finale that hinted at the moral choice by its title alone. There's no Saul: it's Jimmy who lands himself a whopping eighty six years behind bars. This was a twist that simultaneously drove fans happy and sad, and here's why creators decided to send the character that way.

One of the factors was… Kim, according to Peter Gould who broke down the scenario decision to Variety.

"Obviously, he gets caught at the beginning of the episode and he's hopeless for a little bit. And then he gathers himself and realizes he's Saul Goddamn Goodman. [...] And he negotiates a remarkable deal. But he does that by looking Marie Schrader in the eye, and saying that he was a victim like her. To me, that's one of the lowest moments this guy has ever had," Gould explains.

According to him, "when he [Saul] hears what Kim has done in the previous episode, that she has copped to everything that she did [...] — I think it brings him up short. And suddenly this deal that he was kind of happy about, it kind of turns to ashes in his mouth. [...] And he makes a decision, no matter what the cost is, he's gonna come clean in court. He's going to do what she did."

Everything in the finale seems to tie up to Saul and Kim – no, wait, Jimmy and Kim. It is them who stand back up against the wall sharing a cigarette. And the most interesting thing of the show, according to Gould, would be that the "worst things that people do aren't crimes."

"BCS managed to tell a great story about a unique character and topped it off with a fitting send off to "Saul Goodman". Can't believe it's over, but it is time to move on. All great things shall come to an end, loved every bit of this universe that Gilligan and Peter Gould built." – @FrAnkenstien978

However, the finale seems to not abandon the hope that even the devil – which Saul Goodman undoubtedly was at some point – could pick the right path and, no matter how bad the prison term will end up, it won't turn into ashes in the mouth.

"It's pretty remarkable that the creator and the writer of these shows could consistently to tell great stories from season to season! Can't wait to see what Vince Gilligan has coming next in his career!" – @kingblaq80

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