Here's Why Blue Bloods Won't be Getting a Spinoff Anytime Soon

Here's Why Blue Bloods Won't be Getting a Spinoff Anytime Soon
Image credit: CBS

There is only one way for the legacy of the Blue Bloods to be carried on.

As the cameras continue to roll on Blue Bloods Season 13 and new interesting storylines emerge, fans are wondering if there is a possibility of a Blue Bloods spinoff show in the future. After all, it is common practice for popular police procedurals to have multiple spinoffs. And most of them become quite popular.

The Law & Order franchise consists of several related series, three of which, including Special Victims Unit and Organized Crime, are currently running and popular with audiences. NCIS has three spinoffs, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Hawaii. Even a classic such as Dragnet has had a number of related projects.

Unlike other CBS procedurals, Blue Bloods has no spinoffs, and it is likely to stay that way. Showrunner Kevin Wade told PopCulture that the nature of the show does not imply that any of the main characters could get a solo project.

As the title suggests, Blue Bloods revolves around the Reagan family, each member of which has a role in New York City's criminal justice system. And Wade is sure that the show is first and foremost about the family, not about law enforcement. More than that, it is about the cast of brilliant actors like Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Len Cariou, and others.

"You can't replicate the family," the showrunner explained. "The show is identified, I think, way more with the actors than with the organizations they work for."

The very idea of Blue Bloods prevents spinoffs. After all, what exactly is a spinoff? It is the story of a character who was not given enough attention in the original series. In Blue Bloods, every member of the family is essential and gets a significant amount of screen time. It is hard to imagine a show just about Danny Reagan or Erin Reagan because their stories are so intertwined with other family members.

The only way for a Blue Bloods spinoff to happen is for the original show to end. But Kevin Wade doesn't think that's going to happen anytime soon. Thanks to the dedicated fan base, the show is strong and can go on for years.

Wade's words are music to the ears of those worried about a possible end to the beloved procedural. Nobody is saying goodbye to the beloved characters in an unforeseeable future.