Here's Why Keanu Reeves-Led 'Constantine' Sequel is a Bad Idea

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Some things just need to stay in 2005, according to fans.

Keanu Reeves will be getting back to the role of exorcist John Constantine after 17 years, with original director Francis Lawrence also returning for the sequel. But it's not like everyone is overly happy about it.

With the sequel being announced last week, people have flocked to Twitter to discuss why they think bringing Reeves-led 'Constantine' back is a bad idea. Here are a few of their reasons.

Reeves is Way Too Old

No hate for Keanu here, but many fans argue that 17 years is simply too much for someone to just casually return to the role of John Constantine without heavy implications for the story. Not only is Reeves "too old" for the character, it might also mean that the movie may feature some kind of a time jump or any other forced explanation of why John Constantine is suddenly 17 years older.

Few people believe that Warner Brothers could do it right, even though the original movie did not prompt a lot of criticism regarding the plot and acting.

Original Movie Was Not That Good

Despite the decent level of cinematography and acting in the 2005 movie, many people believe that it completely missed the point of the story of John Constantine. Reeves' exorcist is clearly not British, nor he is comic accurate. A sequel just doesn't make sense, according to some fans — especially those who hoped for a more comic-accurate adaptation of Constantine's story.

"Another highly inaccurate adaptation of John and his world. The whole point of Hellblazer is it horrific satire of the British political system, it's very British sense of horror story telling and John being a British working class demonologist out for himself." – @captain_Nelson

Sequel Killed the TV Show

It's not exactly the fault of Keanu Reeves or anyone involved in the production of the upcoming Constantine movie, but the sequel announcement has effectively killed all hopes for a Matt Ryan-led TV series to return. The 2014 show, also titled 'Constantine', offered a canonic look of the exorcist and a more comic-accurate storyline — something that fans are simply not ready to wave goodbye at.

However, some people remain genuinely hopeful for the 'Constantine' sequel, even though the premiere date or any plot details remain a mystery as of now.

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