House of the Dragon Fixed One of Game of Thrones' Biggest Mistakes

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Remember what GoT did do Daenerys? Well, the prequel tried to make it up to fans in its own way.

It's been three years since the notorious eighth season of Game of Thrones has premiered, "ruining" the arc of Daenerys Targaryen, as many fans believe. However, the "trauma" is still there — even though the show's prequel, House of the Dragon, has seemingly offered reconciliation in the form of Rhaenyra Targaryen's arc.

According to many fans, the prequel actually manage to somewhat make it up for the "blundered" GoT season 8 arc that Daenerys had. In the original show, Daenerys basically went full mad queen mode, with Jon Snow having to kill her in the season finale.

The outcome left few people satisfied and caused a social media storm back at the time. But now, the "mad queen" vibe is justifiable and it doesn't feel like character assault, fans say.

"Rhaenyra has an similarly complex arc that by the end, she is seen finally "snapping", not too unlike Daenerys. The main difference is that we've had way more context and nuances developed across the season to give much more weight to this moment. It feels earned," Redditor Sevenanonumous said.

The fan has praised the way the show focused on Rhaenyra's peace efforts as well as her love for her family and desire to protect it.

"So when we finally see her "snap" in the very last scene because of Luke's murder, all of the texture of her arc makes the weight of that moment viscerally effective," the Redditor continued.

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Other fans have largely agreed with the sentiment, noting how House of the Dragon appears to learn from Game of Thrones' mistakes.

"Basically Rhae's relationship with her losses were better illustrated beforehand than Dany's, which is why it is far more believable ," Redditor Wellroundedduralmass said.

After the House of the Dragon season 1 explosive finale, people have already flocked Twitter to pledge their allegiance to Rhaenyra and say that whatever "war crimes" she commits next season, they will stand with her.

Season 2 is due to start filming in early 2023, with the premiere date to be announced by HBO later.

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