How Big is 'Avatar: The Way of Water' Budget?

How Big is 'Avatar: The Way of Water' Budget?
Image credit: Legion-Media

James Cameron's long-awaited sequel is finally hitting theaters this December, and it looks like 20th Century Studios has given the director a pretty hefty sum to operate with, guaranteeing the film's success in the CGI department.

It's hard to believe that almost 13 years have passed since the first 'Avatar ' premiered in 2009, breaking all existing box office records and becoming the most successful film in history. It is only natural that the sequel has a lot to prove, to convince fans and major studios that the success of the first part was no mere coincidence, and that the years Cameron spent preparing the next part of the Pandora saga were really worth it.

Surprisingly, the budget for 'Avatar 2' was not as staggering as one might assume: 20th Century Studios unveiled a price tag of $250 million. That's $13 million more than the budget of the first part, and film making has certainly become even more expensive over the past decade. But while the film's budget isn't all that impressive, the amount the studio gave Cameron to make all of the originally commissioned 4 'Avatar' films is insane – $1 billion. That's not a half-bad number, is it?

But with such a huge budget allocated to the film, it should certainly make a profit. And there's a feeling that Cameron will succeed – with a standalone film budget of $250 million, 'Avatar 2' must make at least $500 million to break even, and that seems like a pretty easy achievement for this supermassive sci-fi blockbuster.

'Avatar: The Way of Water ' will premiere on December 16, 2022.