How is Iron Man Able to Fly, And Why Do People Suddenly Care?

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Marvel fandom has suddenly found itself in the middle of a heated aerodynamics debate.

The "founding father" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man has long been one of the most iconic superheroes, who hardly had any haters or even issues around his persona.

But now that it is being reported that New Line Cinema dropped the rights to the Iron Man adaptation because the studio deemed him "too heavy to fly", fans have suddenly started questioning whether the argument even makes sense.

It looks like the issue has divided the fandom significantly, as some people side with New Line Cinema, and others arguing that not everything in superhero movies has to be perfectly realistic.

Many people argued that since planes can fly, then an iron suit of armor should also be able to do so, but others strike this argument down.

"Iron Man is wearing the armor…Pilots don't wear the plane. Meaning Tony has to do 100x to be able to fly in the air the way he does. He also needs incredible strength and durability. Not to mention a big part of why planes stay in the air are the wings. Tony doesn't have those." – @MoneyDre123

However, it is still a fictional universe with a lot of non-realistic stuff we are talking about here.

They really thought that a world where vampires and aliens exist that a man with metal can't fly with Jet boots

"They really thought that a world where vampires and aliens exist that a man with metal can't fly with Jet boots." – @CjRadical

If we're bringing up realism argument, then Tony Stark's armor is perhaps the last thing to prompt debates, fans believe – "because a ring that makes you invisible also 100% makes sense".

For many people, New Line Cinema's stance was a proof that only Marvel can understand its own characters. After all, 'Iron Man' has turned out to be a milestone not only for Marvel and its cinematic universe, but also a life-changing movie for the entire industry, effectively setting up stage for the new superhero movie genre.

The first Iron Man movie was released in 2008, produced by Marvel Studios, and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was directed by Jon Favreau, and the titular role famously went to Robert Downey Jr., who is now an undisputed icon of the MCU, even though his character exited stage in 'Avengers: Endgame'.

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