How Many Years Would Walter White Spend Behind Bars in Real Life For His Crimes?

How Many Years Would Walter White Spend Behind Bars in Real Life For His Crimes?
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It was good for Breaking Bad's Walter White to die after all, otherwise he would spend the rest of his life in prison.

Breaking Bad is a mesmerizing saga that unfolded on our TV screens in 2008, and its impact is still reverberating across the pop-culture landscape.

At its core, the show chronicles the metamorphosis of Walter White, a brilliant chemist turned meth cook.

Bryan Cranston 's performance as Walter White is nothing short of a masterpiece, as he takes us on a journey through the depths of despair and depravity.

Throughout 5 seasons of the show, we've seen Walter White's character from completely different perspectives. The diagnosed lung cancer discovered in Walter his inner demon, or maybe a few.

On his journey to be a meth emperor, Heisenberg deceived, betrayed and obviously committed crimes — both insignificant and truly hideous.

A YouTube user shared a video on his channel breaking down all the crimes Walter White committed during his story on the show and calculated how many years he would be sentenced for, if these crimes were discovered, and of course, if Walter ended up surviving in the finale.

Walter's delinquent behavior begins to unleash right from the first episode when he steals the school's property for his new start-up.

In the same episode Walter assaults a guy who mocked his son in a clothing store.

But it's nothing in comparison with his future crimes that are getting uglier as Heisenberg evolves: property destruction, unlawful manufacturing of drugs, burglary, accessory to murder, first-degree murder, and the list can go on and on.

For all of his committed crimes, big and small, Walter White would be sentenced to (drumroll please) 849+ years in prison.

Even though authorities didn't have a complete idea of all of his crimes, if Walter survived, he would probably receive a lifetime sentence.

That is just a quick reminder that despite Breaking Bad being a great show, it narrates about a really egoistic person who lived in fear and wasn't able to do anything about his life.

But under the circumstances this man became dangerous to everyone around him and for the society as a whole.

Source: The Cinema Cop