How Minecraft YouTuber Dream Has Brought Nightmare to The Sandman Fandom

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If you are already sick of hashtags #facereveal and #putthemaskbackon, imagine what it's like for the Sandman fans, many of whom have never even played Minecraft in the first place.

In case you missed it: a massively popular Minecraft YouTuber with the nickname Dream has revealed his face in a new video posted on October 3 — and immediately broke the Internet.

The reveal has prompted not only joy and applause from his longtime stance but also quite a lot of hate from people who were quick to call Dream "ugly", and basically tried to bully him back into putting his signature smiley-face mask back on.

As the scandal evolved and intensified, people rose to Dream's defense, only prompting the haters to resurface the racism and ableism allegations that the YouTuber faced in his past.

"Dream can say the r slur, stereotype black people, make racist edits of the kkk, terrorize black minors and invalidate their experiences, openly admit to being a trump supporter and sexualize minors then double down on doing so but saying he's ugly is way too far guys!!! /s" - @K_cloudss

Some people believe that the amount of hate Dream receives is deserved because of his controversial statements in the past, as well as "KKK edits" and "ableist slur" he spewed.

But what does this all even have to do with The Sandman? It's easy: the main character in Neil Gaiman's Sandman shares the same name with the controversial YouTuber. So, over past couple of days, Sandman fans have been waking up to Twitter fuming at someone called Dream for being either ugly, or racist, or both.

This has predictably led to a lot of confusion, since many Sandman fans are not that keen on Minecraft to know who Morpheus' YouTube namesake even was. Some people were genuinely tricked into thinking that everyone "was just really into Sandman".

Others were quick to urge Minecraft lovers to maybe give the Netflix show a watch if they are tired of their Dream's drama.

Now that Minecraft and Sandman fans have something in common, it seems that the YouTuber drama is nowhere near an end. Dream seems to be riding the hype wave by posting more selfies, and haters continue to call him out and even bully.

Sandman fans, meanwhile, are still waiting for their favorite show to finally be renewed for season 2 — something that many feat might not happen as Netflix has been tight-lipped about the project's future for a really long time.

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