How Much Did It Cost to Make 'The Sandman'?

How Much Did It Cost to Make 'The Sandman'?
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's quite expensive to make dreams come true.

The long-awaited adaptation of Neil Gaiman 's has proved to be quite successful: the show scored #1 on Netflix 's top in more than 80 countries after the premiere. Surely, its impressive budget appears to be paying off; but how much did it cost to make the show in the first place?

According to reports, 'The Sandman ' has secured a pretty whopping $15 million per episode budget. With the show landing 10 episodes plus one special episode, it amounts to some $165 million poured into the production.

Still, it is less than Marvel shows land: every original TV show like 'Ms. Marvel', 'Hawkeye ' or 'Loki ' enjoys a budget of $25 million per episode, even though few of them have more than six episodes.

Besides, 'The Sandman', as we have mentioned, seems to be paying off its expenses: despite losing its first place at some point, it gained it back just a week later. This is quite a rare achievement that only "elite" Netflix shows, like 'Stranger Things ' or 'The Queen's Gambit', have.

Moreover, 'The Sandman' is nowhere near its downfall: this week the show's total viewing hours is 77.24 million, Netflix figures show. The series ranks #1 for the third straight week. The total now stands at 274.22 million hours – the eight-highest total since Netflix started sharing the numbers in 2021.

These figures might mean two things: firstly, 'The Sandman' is highly likely to land a second season, even though Netflix is still tight-lipped about that. Secondly, there is also a good chance that the Neil Gaiman adaptation will enjoy even bigger budgets should it be greenlit for another season.

'The Sandman' is currently streaming on Netflix, having premiered in early August.