Hunter Doohan Teases Tyler's Return in Wednesday Season 2

Hunter Doohan Teases Tyler's Return in Wednesday Season 2
Image credit: Netflix

Get ready to dive back into the mysterious and thrilling world of Netflix's Wednesday as Hunter Doohan, the actor who plays Tyler Galpin, reveals details about the upcoming season of the hit series.

With a talented cast, a gripping storyline and that viral dance scene, Wednesday has become one of the most buzzed-about series on Netflix ( it even managed to surpass Stranger Things by garnering 341.23 million hours viewed in its first week alone), and it's clear that fans will have a lot to look forward to when the show returns.

Hunter Doohan, star of the hit Netflix series Wednesday, sat down with journalists from ET to spill some details about the upcoming second season. Hunter revealed that his complicated character, Tyler Galpin, will definitely be making a return in season two. However, he admits that he has no idea what the storyline will entail as the script has not been revealed to him or his co-stars just yet.

Hunter expressed his excitement about the return of Tyler Galpin, saying that now that Tyler's secret is out, he can't wait for the second season to explore his struggle between the monster and his true self. The actor added that after the shocking finale of the first season, he hopes that the Christina Ricci's character will also make a comeback – at least in some capacity – in the continuation of the series.

Doohan also spoke highly of the rising popularity of Jenna Ortega and expressed his genuine happiness at her sudden rise to fame – which, might we add, the young actress is handling rather admirably. He said that Ortega more than deserves the recognition and praise that has come her way, and added that she is handling the sudden influx of popularity with grace and dignity.

Earlier Gwendoline Christie has also teased her return for Season 2; however, as of now it's now clear when exactly new episodes will be released.