‘I Won’t Be Acting That Much Longer’: Is Mark Wahlberg Really Leaving Hollywood?

‘I Won’t Be Acting That Much Longer’: Is Mark Wahlberg Really Leaving Hollywood?
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Mark Wahlberg recently shared his career plans, and it seems like they don’t include much, well, career. Does the actor want to leave Hollywood behind and go lowkey?

Many people all around the world envy celebrities: from the outside, it looks like they all have that picture-perfect dream life, do what they love effortlessly, and get all the love and money one could possibly dream of for that. But if you look closer, you might start noticing that all those actors and actresses are real people, just like us.

They, too, get frustrated and tired of their jobs; they have career and health issues; they deal with fears and insecurities; and so on. Save for the fact that most problems get multiplied by a dozen whenever there are constant camera flashes all around you waiting to catch your mistakes, falls, or any personal life details, for that matter.

So while perfect from the outside, many actors want to leave their celebrity lives behind at some point. There can be many reasons for such a decision: they either think that they’ve earned enough, or want to quit at their peak, or simply grow too frustrated with their lifestyle or job, or anything else, really.

Recently, Mark Wahlberg, one of Hollywood’s most famous and beloved A-listers, told Cigar Aficionado that he, too, considers quitting acting soon enough. For Wahlberg, it’s the intensity of his work that gets to him and makes him want to leave.

“I’m certainly working harder now than ever. For certain businesses, you kind of build them [and] pass them on or you exit. Hopefully, my kids see what their interests are, but I don’t think that I’ll be acting that much longer at the pace I am now,” the actor revealed in the interview.

We can definitely see why Mark Wahlberg is exhausted, considering how much effort he puts into his work — especially, when it comes to the actor’s action movies. We’re yet to see whether Wahlberg actually plans on leaving Hollywood behind or is just talking out of frustration, but one thing is sure: he already has quite a legacy to leave behind, so he could retire any moment and still remain famous and beloved.

Source: Cigar Aficionado