Idris Elba Had a Really Hard Time Shooting Intimate Scenes with Kate Winslet

Idris Elba Had a Really Hard Time Shooting Intimate Scenes with Kate Winslet
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Despite being one of the industry’s biggest heartthrobs, Elba had severe anxiety when it came to the most peculiar scenes, and even Winslet’s help didn’t cut it.

People often forget that Hollywood stars are not their characters, and while they might be perfect on the screen, in real life, they are actual people. Just like us, they have their fears and weaknesses; they can panic at the most inappropriate moment or mess up just because of their internal struggles. Big screens hide all these flaws.

That’s why it’s always a bit surprising and refreshing to hear from the actors about insecurities and imperfections. Some actors are more open about it, like Jennifer Lawrence, and others try to stay impenetrable in public, like Robert Downey Jr., but ultimately, seeing their humane side helps to understand them better.

For instance, you wouldn’t expect Idris Elba, who’s often called “the sexiest man alive,” to panic before filming an intimate scene with his co-star, would you? And yet, this is exactly what happened when he was working on The Mountain Between Us with Kate Winslet. Despite his reputation, Elba was petrified: he was lacking experience.

“Let’s face it — I’m 42, I have been doing scenes like that since I was 20. Idris has not done very much nudity, which I didn’t realize. I was like: ‘Get on with it, boys,’ and he’s like, ‘I am just — you know, getting used to the situation,’” Winslet shared with Contact Music.

Even Kate Winslet’s encouragement and support weren’t helping the situation at first as Elba was two busy thinking of some people… No, not all the Oscar winners whom his co-star has done intimate scenes with before; instead, it was Winslet’s husband who occupied Idris Elba’s thoughts.

“I didn’t think about those guys [Hollywood actors] while I was kissing Kate if I’m honest. I was thinking about her husband a bit more! That is a weird thing to say,” admitted the British actor when recalling his embarrassment.

The more we learn about it, the more we realize that filming intimate scenes is pleasant for pretty much no one involved. Most actors feel extremely uncomfortable when it comes down to these parts…well, maybe, apart from Kate Winslet.

Source: Contact Music via Techno Blender