Inside Out 2 Initial Plan Embraced Nearly 10 New Emotions

Inside Out 2 Initial Plan Embraced Nearly 10 New Emotions
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But it would be too much for both creators and viewers.


  • Inside Out 2, a highly anticipated sequel of the same story from 2015, is about to be released in cinemas this summer introducing a new range of emotions for its main character — though initially the creators’ idea was a bit different.
  • According to director Kelsey Mann, the team elaborated almost 10 new animated emotions to include in the film, but the amount was significantly reduced for some reasons.
  • Inside Out 2, officially featuring four teenager-coded emotions, will hit cinemas this June.

After the first film hit the cinemas and got everyone’s love back in 2015, Inside Out is making its way back to the screens this June — and, as the main character Riley is no more a child but already a teenage girl with her own complexities, the story’s range of emotions gets its literal expansion.

With new animated emotions being officially added to the previous team, Riley’s mindset is getting much more diversity — which could’ve been even bigger if the movie’s creative team had stuck to its initial plan.

At an Inside Out press conference recently director Kelsey Mann and producer Mark Nielsen revealed that they firstly had come up with nine new emotions for Riley planning an entirely overwhelming experience for her when all of the newcomers would pop up out of nowhere.

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Mann then had to confess that the team eventually wasn’t able to keep track of every new character as “there were so many emotions and they all canceled each other out because you couldn’t keep up with everybody”. Thus, there had to be a change of plan that would significantly simplify the plot.

Getting aware of the fact that he had to choose only some of those nine emotions, the director had to remind himself of the essential idea put in the center of the upcoming film — Riley turning into a teenager.

Mann then decided that he had to stick to those emotions that show up and then “drive at the console” when a child becomes a teenager. For an even more natural effect the director got to consult a Berkley professor whose life work was focused on the human emotional aspect.

Eventually Mann and his team finally got settled with four (unofficially five) new emotions — Ennui, Embarrassment, Anxiety, Envy, and Nostalgia. The latter’s significant role in the upcoming movie hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Inside Out is set to premiere on June 14.

Source: Screen Rant