Is Demon Slayer Movie A Part Of Upcoming Season 3?

Is Demon Slayer Movie A Part Of Upcoming Season 3?
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You can never have too many of Demon Slayer, but sometimes the release of multiple projects at the same time confuses fans.

We'll explain what's going on with the Demon Slayer movie and series.

While the anime series will not be released until April, a full-length animated feature film called To the Swordsmith Village is already in full swing in movie theaters around the world.

The title referring to the new season and the lack of comprehensive information made the fans think – what will the movie be about and whether it is worth spending money on. We have some exciting and some not so exciting news for you.

To the Swordsmith Village will include both old and new material. The 110-minute movie will feature the final two episodes of the second season's Entertainment District Arc and the first episode of the new Swordsmith Village Arc.

As far as fans remember, the last season ended with an epic battle between heroes and upper-rank demons, and it seems like the perfect opportunity to revisit it on the big screen for an unforgettable experience.

And the continuation of the film in the form of the first episode of the new season, which no one has seen yet and which will be released in April, is an even more tempting reason to go to the movies.

To the Swordsmith Village is not the first full-length animated film to be released as part of the Demon Slayer series.

Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train was released in 2020 and is still the most successful and profitable Japanese film to date, having grossed almost 500 million dollars worldwide.

So we can conclude that the new movie is a wonderful opportunity to relive the emotional finale of the second season and go to the Swordsmith Village with fresh memories.

Just be prepared that after watching the first episode in the theater, you will have to gather all your willpower into a fist to wait for the season three to be officially released on April 9 in Japan and soon after in the US.