Is Everything A Simulation In 'Westworld' Season 4?

Is Everything A Simulation In 'Westworld' Season 4?
Image credit: Legion-Media

HBO has just unveiled a new chapter of Nolan's sci-fi saga, and fans are beginning to wonder if everything is as it seems in season four.

Long-time 'Westworld ' fans were quite surprised to find that the events of season 4 did not begin immediately after the previous installment, but instead 7 years later. The reason for the surprise is quite understandable – the previous episode perfectly prepared the upcoming battle between the robots, or hosts, as the show calls them, and humans, literally showing how the entire city was burned to the ground. And now, as the fourth season begins, people don't know what happened to that particular teaser, and why, so many years later, the war never actually began.

Discussing this curious problem on Reddit, some fans suggested an absurd, but pretty plausible idea – what if everything that happens in the first episode of season 4 is, in fact, a simulation, set hundreds of years in the future? What if humans have been eradicated by the hosts and are forced to live in some sort of emulation like the one shown in 'The Matrix '?

"Olympiad Entertainment, as in Mount Olympia — where the Gods sit on their thrones. They program the games, hence Christina's stalker lamenting the scenario written for him. "These violent delights have violent ends." Also, pay attention to the graffiti outside Caleb's place. "MY BRAIN MY CHOICE" and the fake Banksy with a human controlling a droid… being controlled by a droid. Futureworld is the Metaverse. Humanity has been purged or in stasis in the Matrix, like we saw at the end of S3. The humans burning in siloes at the end of the opening was symbolic of humanity's end. Caleb died and has been recreated as a host; we're drifting between past and present much like S1." – /gyuukarubi5.

In addition to the curious details mentioned by the redditor, fans found even more, and some ideas diverge not from the HBO series, but from the sequel to the original film titled 'Futureworld'. In that movie, people were lured into an amusement park created by the hosts to then be cloned and killed. A modern-day dystopia created by robots could be the real plot of the 'Westworld' season 4.

"Does that mean that they are hosts? What if hosts are going to Futureworld (with humans in the role of hosts). I bet the midseason reveal will be that everything we’ve seen is inside Futureworld—with the outside world being the wasteland that Bernard wakes up in." – /matt111199.