Is It Just Us or Was Voldemort's Creepiest Scene the Best Part of the Movie?

Is It Just Us or Was Voldemort's Creepiest Scene the Best Part of the Movie?
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Voldemort is the epitome of evil in the Harry Potter franchise. His name dare not be spoken and he's a terrifying sight to see.

He's also central in one of the most memed images of Deathly Hallows – which might actually be the best part of the movie.

After Voldemort "kills" his archenemy, Harry Potter, he proudly shouts to the school, "Harry Potter is dead!" and utters a painful-to-hear laugh with a sickening smile.

Draco Malfoy chooses to join Voldemort's side, to which Voldemort responds by giving him the most awkward hug in cinematic history. But it's way deeper than that.

Voldemort – aka Tom Riddle – has never truly been able to love. The prevailing theory is that it's because his father was intoxicated by a love potion while he was conceived, not allowing him to feel true emotion.

Voldemort has no one. No friends; no family. What he does have is an enemy in Harry Potter.

With Harry's assumed death, this is likely the only time Voldemort has felt true joy. It's more than general pleasure or contentedness, something he's probably felt.

He's genuinely happy for the first time in his life. Harry Potter was prophesized to be the one to stop Voldemort in his quest for immortality.

Now, nothing really stands in his way. His giddy, awkward laugh is cringey, but it completely suits the character.

Even cringier is the Draco hug – but again, he's never truly felt this sort of emotion. There's never been love in his life and he's probably not very well-versed in how to hug. It makes sense that it would come off so wooden and awkward.

Going back further, when he first announced Harry's death to the crowd, it didn't get the reaction he desired. So he tried again – this time, a little louder.

He was truly happy and wanted to emote in the only way he knew how. While it was downright uncomfortable on the surface, it truly was an incredibly deep, meaningful scene thanks to the brilliant Ralph Fiennes.

In cases like this, a scene is allowed to be cringey to watch if it makes sense for the situation to be cringey in-universe. Based on Voldemort's characterization, a dorky laugh and a weird hug completely make sense.

The scene has lived on a decade after the Harry Potter series' end, thanks in part to the thousands of memes featuring the awkward hug by He Who Must Not Be Named.