Is Jensen Ackles Really in ABC's 'Big Sky' Now?

Image credit: CBS

Looks like both Winchester brothers are putting on those sheriff hats.

In a surprise announcement for ABC's 'Big Sky' fans, it was confirmed that Jensen Ackles will make a special guest appearance in the season 2 finale.

It does not necessarily mean that the series welcomes a new regular character, since 'Big Sky' has not yet been greenlit for season 3. However, the finale will certainly have Ackles as a temporary Sheriff named Beau Arlen.

Arlen is described as "a confident and charming good ol' boy from Texas". He will serve as Jenny Hoyt's new boss, and he is stepping in as a favor to his friend Sheriff Tubb, portrayed by Patrick Gallagher.

The season finale synopsis, however, teases the possibility of Ackles' character "sticking around for a while", so perhaps there is a great chance that 'Big Sky' will be renewed for season 3.

The detective series revolves around two private investigators, Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) and Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick), who look into the case of two sisters being kidnapped by a truck driver.

It's funny how both 'Supernatural' alumni, Ackles and his on-screen brother Jared Padalecki, seem to have delved into the roles of Texas sheriffs and rangers. Padalecki is currently portraying Cordell Walker in The CW's 'Walker' that follows the story of a legendary Texas Ranger who came home after an undercover assignment.

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