Is There a Reason For 'Morbius' Post-Credit Scene Being So Messed-Up?

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If you haven't seen 'Morbius' and are plannning to, then look out for spoilers ahead!

The post-credit scene in 'Morbius' has raised a lot of questions for the fans of both Sony Universe and MCU, because it features Vulture arriving from the universe of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' straight to Michael Morbius' world and deciding to team up with the vampire anti-hero.

The multiverse-triggered issues about the post-credit scene could actually be triggered by something a lot more mundane, according to Twitter account MCU Updates: the disagreements between the studios regarding merging the two universes.

It's not clear what exactly was the root of disagreements between Sony and Marvel about the merge of Andrew Garfield's universe and that of Morbius and Venom.

However, fans are also skeptical about the news itself, given that Sony already owns both Garfield's web-slinger and Venom and Morbius.

Skepticism is one of the most popular reactions when it comes to 'Morbius', because the movie faced so many misfortunes that it is already a borderline classic. With almost record-low Rotten Tomatoes score and mediocre box office, 'Morbius' is only successful in the meme hashtag #MorbuisSweep.

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