It's Official: Misha Collins is in 'Gotham Knights', With Fans on Cloud Nine

Image credit: Legion-Media

The actor is trading that beige Castiel trench coat for the black Harvey Dent one.

Did you miss Misha Collins on your screens? Worry not, as he is set to come back in The CW's 'Gotham Knights' as Harvey Dent.

According to Misha himself, he will play the character for "some time to come". The actor made it official on his Twitter account, posting a picture of himself wearing a black trench coat, captioned with "Me" and "Also Harvey Dent".

That black trench coat seems to have its own fans, even though it's unclear whether it's a part of Collins' character's outfit or not.

Still, Misha himself received a great deal of congratulatory messages from fans, who seem to have really missed him as the 'Supernatural' stayed off-screen for some time.

Earlier, Collins hinted at joining the cast of 'Gotham Knights' as Harvey Dent, even though the details of his character's story arc in the upcoming show remain unknown. For instance, it's unclear whether The CW's Dent will end up as the two-faced villain – even though fans are clearly eager to see that.

The release date has not been announced yet, but Misha will enjoy the company of his colleagues from 'Supernatural' on The CW's schedule, as Jared Padalecki's 'Walker: Independence' and Jensen Ackles' 'The Winchesters' have also been greenlit by the network.

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