Jared Leto is Openly Mocked on Twitter For Abusing 'Morbius' Crew

Jared Leto is Openly Mocked on Twitter For Abusing 'Morbius' Crew
Image credit: Legion-Media

Jared Leto is a serious actor. His strict adherence to the so-called 'method' is widely known, and it seems that the actor wouldn't change his creative approach even while filming a superhero movie.

'The Method' acting is based on actor's total transformation for a part he is playing – and, apparently, Leto's Michael Morbius received such an honor from 'Dallas Buyers Club' star. Eponymous character is suffering from a serious disease and needs crutches to move his failing body around. According to rumors from the 'Morbius' set, Leto was using the same crutches while shooting the film, trying to make his performance more believable.

Well, it's not a rumor anymore – in a recent Uproxx interview film's director Daniel Espinosa confirmed that Leto's commitment to the role left him in need of assistance for bathroom breaks.

This resulted in bathroom breaks eating a lot of shooting time, so the crew decided on an unusual strategy to speed them up – they had to seat Leto in a chair and push him to the bathroom.

Fans are not impressed by star's questionable behavior, openly mocking him on Twitter for abusing his crewmates and choosing to star in a lot of dubious quality films.