Jason Statham New Movie 'The Bee Keeper' Will See Him Living A Normal Life. Or Will It?

Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like everyone's favorite action star is preparing to shoot a quite unconventional action film about... beekeeping?

Jason Statham is no stranger to the pursuit of the unexpected, considering his trailblazing performances in 'Crank' and 'The Transporter'. So, his involvement in a project that explores the dangerous world of beekeeping seems like a match made in heaven. In recent years Statham has created a real portfolio for himself, moving away from his image as a reliable B-movie actor to a well-deserved reputation as a truly original action star.

Add David Ayer in the director's chair to that equation, and 'The Bee Keeper' suddenly finds itself on the list of the most anticipated action movies. The director, known for his dark and down-to-earth films 'End of Watch' and 'Fury', made a misstep with 2016's 'Suicide Squad', hated by critics and audiences alike. Perhaps this Statham-led film will be a long-awaited chance for Ayer to redeem himself.

Fans are already waiting to see the film, fully confident in the tandem of Ayer and Statham.

Further details about the cast and release date have not yet been announced by Miramax.

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