Jenna Ortega Had to Deal with a Weird Fan on a Flight: 'You Made Me Do This'

Jenna Ortega Had to Deal with a Weird Fan on a Flight: 'You Made Me Do This'
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After Jenna Ortega’s popularity skyrocketed after the first season of Wednesday was released, she started having the most awkward fan encounters out of the blue.

For millions of fans all over the world, Jenna Ortega is Wednesday Addams, and even though the young actress has quite a portfolio of roles other than this Netflix series, it cemented her as a standalone household name. The show became incredibly popular the very day it came out, and Ortega’s life was changed.

While Jenna is no stranger to the pros and cons of a performer’s life, she definitely wasn’t ready for how dramatically the public perception of her would change after Wednesday. Money and fame are great, but they also sometimes bring (as with Jenna) the weirdest forms of fan obsession — just go online and you’ll see.

For the past months, Ortega has had a plethora of awkward and even scary encounters with the show’s fans, but some of them stand out simply because they happen 40,000 feet high in the sky which literally takes them to the next level.

“I’ve had a couple of weird plane stories, too, where I’ve woken up to notes or things like that. I got off one yesterday, and at the end, the flight attendant took her hair down out of the bun and it was in two braids and she took her bangs down and she said, ‘You made me do this,’” shared the young actress in her interview with THR.

This encounter could’ve been rather wholesome if not for its randomness and the way the flight attendant put the phrase together: “You made me do this” sounds more like an accusation and less like a “Thank you for the great series, Jenna,” don’t you think? This almost sounds creepy as it was put like some single white female stuff.

So in case you meet Jenna Ortega yourself, be sure to come up with a better way to phrase your thoughts to avoid coming out as a stalker.

Source: THR