Jerry Seinfeld Just Unveiled The Cast Of His 'Pop-Tart' Movie, And Its Stacked

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The legendary comedian is about to make his directorial debut, centered around the famous breakfast dessert, and Reddit has no idea what the project might be about.

Adapting a beloved confection for a movie sounds like a completely crazy idea, but Jerry Seinfeld seems to succeed in developing an interesting narrative worthy of a feature film. And with a cast consisting of Melissa McCarthy, Jim Gaffigan, Amy Schumer, Hugh Grant and James Marsden, avid moviegoers are certainly more than interested in seeing what 'Seinfeld' creator has in store for them. The film will detail the making of Kellog's hit product, and the plot will include "betrayal, sugar and menacing milkmen," according to the official logline.

In a discussion on Reddit fans called the upcoming film completely random, but perhaps that quality is actually what will make the project a must-see for all comedy fans.

"This movie seems completely random but then when I think about Seinfeld this does seem like the type of mundane-with-surprising-backstory thing he might care about," – /TypicalDelay.

Others are already poking fun at Seinfeld's inability to create anything meaningful after his hit sitcom ended in 1998.

Seinfeld co-wrote the script with Spike Feresten, Andy Robin and Barry Marder, and thanks to the comedian's signature hilarious writing style, fans are sure to enjoy another ironic look at American pop culture. The Netflix production will begin filming in the near future, with a possible release date of 2023.

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