JK Rowling's Brutal Reality Check to Haters: 'Royalty Checks' Help Her Sleep

JK Rowling's Brutal Reality Check to Haters: 'Royalty Checks' Help Her Sleep
Image credit: globallookpress

In the recent years J.K. Rowling has been caught in controversies, resulting from what many believe to be anti-trans remarks on her part.

But while a lesser name might have been forced to bow before the outrage (whether genuine or manufactured by people who love to be outraged), it seems like in her case the Internet mob picked a wrong fight.

Just look at the exchange which occurred recently.

"How do you sleep at night knowing you've lost a whole audience from buying your books?" one person tweeted at her.

The worse angle of attack could not have been chosen even if that tweet's author was trying to.

"I read my most recent royalty cheques and find the pain goes away pretty quickly," Rowling immediately countered.

And she's correct. Right now Hogwarts Legacy is on the fast track to become one of the most popular games of 2023, possibly even the most popular, with generally positive reviews and over 12 millions of copies sold within two weeks –before even becoming available on all the intended platforms.

The Wizarding World clearly is not fading from the public's view, even though the book series is over, as is the series of film adaptations, and the spin-off Fantastic Beasts films, meant to fill the void left by said adaptations, are lackluster.

So there is definitely a new fat stack of royalty checks incoming. Never mind that Rowling certainly already had earned enough to not care about book sales ever again.

According to Business Insider, her fortune is estimated to be around $670 million at the minimum, and possibly over a billion.

So that Twitter user probably did not really realize that he's not talking to an average modern writer, desperately struggling for every sale.

And as far as Rowling's Twitter allows to judge, the majority of Internet-surfing audience is supportive of her as well.

Her tweet above has nearly 300 thousands of likes as of the moment of this article's writing, and the most popular responses to it read like: "I have to say that you deserve every penny you receive."

All in all, Rowling really must be sleeping at night just fine.