John Wick 5 Set to Have a Dark Finale for Keanu Reeves's Character

John Wick 5 Set to Have a Dark Finale for Keanu Reeves's Character
Image credit: Lionsgate

For those excited about the next and last John Wick movie being in the works, here’s the bitter bit of the deal: there’s no way John will get a happy ending. None. Nada.

John Wick is a brilliant phenomenon. From a semi-experimental movie about loss, revenge, and a badass ex-exterminator wiping a bunch of floors with waves of enemies, it grew into a full-blown franchise with several movies, spin-offs, and TV shows — all the while setting a new golden standard for the entire action genre.

The fact that it featured Keanu Reeves, the Internet’s most beloved sweetheart, as its lead actor, only added fuel to the ever-growing flames of John Wick’s popularity. Millions of people have been religiously following the journey of the titular character for years…and were understandably disappointed when this journey ended.

It admittedly ended too soon: the John Wick franchise was supposed to include five movies but prematurely ended with the fourth installment which saw John Wick die. Many fans couldn’t believe it — and for a good reason, since now we know that John Wick 5 is already in the works, and we’ll see Keanu wreak havoc once again.

As we all rejoice, let’s not forget one crucial detail, though: John Wick will not get a happy ending, and his fate will most likely be rather grim. This is not just a random assumption: the director of the franchise, Chad Stahelski, said it himself.

“John may survive all this shit, but at the end of it, there’s no happy ending. <...> Do you think he’s going to ride off into the f*cking sunset? He’s killed 300 f*cking people and he’s just going to [walk away], everything’s okay? <...> He’s f*cked for the rest of his life. It’s just a matter of time,” director Stahelski told IndieWire.

So keep it in your heads, folks. The journey we’ll embark on will involve a whole lot of badass action sequences and, perhaps, some sort of grim satisfaction for John in the finale — but he will never return to a calm and peaceful life. This man is done for, and he has been for four movies already — the fifth installment won’t change that.

Source: IndieWire