Johnathan Majors' Interview Has MCU Fans Questioning: Could RDJ Really be Back?

Johnathan Majors' Interview Has MCU Fans Questioning: Could RDJ Really be Back?
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The demise of the MCU's rock star Tony Stark has been tough — not just for fans, but for the cinematic universe as well. Without the universally beloved characters, the MCU is trying to establish a new roster.

Robert Downey Jr. 's Iron Man had his swan song in Avengers: Endgame, sacrificing himself to save the universe from Thanos. However, many people are still secretly hoping for the return of the iconic superhero, and the multiverse makes those dreams possible.

It seems that fans are not the only ones who want RDJ back in the MCU, as Jonathan Majors ( Kang the Conqueror) has expressed his desire to see his villainous character have a little interaction with Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark in The Kang Dynasty.

Speaking to Lifehacker, Majors professed his love for Downey Jr.'s character, noting that it would be interesting to see the two interact in the next Avengers sequel.

"I would love to be across from him on screen to see how our philosophies, acting-wise and character-wise, just personally, match up," the actor said.

"You know, I find him to be such a fascinating artist, which is why Iron Man is so fascinating. His portrayal of Iron Man is so fascinating and he represents a very clear world view and energy of the Avengers. And I think Kang represents a different era."

While Majors' comments can't be taken as official confirmation of Downey Jr.'s potential return in The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars, fans couldn't help but take it that way.

Since Majors is currently the only actor confirmed to be a part of The Kang Dynasty, anything he says is automatically taken by people as a hint.

According to them, multiverse and/or time travel is a "perfect way" to bring back Robert Downey Jr. without ruining or devaluing Tony Stark's arc in Endgame.

However, the majority of fans believe that RDJ's comeback is much more plausible in Secret Wars than in The Kang Dynasty.

"Stop teasing us with Secret Wars stuff, Jonathan. Obviously the Beyonder can make that happen," Twitter user Truconfidence25 said.

Others, however, believe that bringing back Downey Jr.'s Iron Man would be an official admission that the MCU cannot thrive on its new characters and must rely on the dead OG characters to save the day.

The Kang Dynasty will be the first Avengers 5 event, set to hit theaters on May 2, 2025. The second event, titled Secret Wars, is scheduled to premiere on May 1, 2026.