Jokes on You: Netflix Makes Pete Davidson's Dream Come True

Image credit: Legion-Media

Be careful what you wish for – or, in Pete Davidson's case, what you joke about.

It seems like Netflix listens carefully to 'Saturday Night Live'. As soon as Pete Davidson rapped about how he wants to watch short movies, not, say, three-hours-long 'Batman'.

"Three hours, 47 minutes? Bro, you must be crazy. No thanks, I'mma watch a short-a** movie like Driving Miss Daisy," the comedian rapped during the SNL comedy sketch.

Okay, Pete, Netflix appears to have thought. Here is your "Short-A** Movies" category. And now the website indeed features a category titled "Short A** Movies", which already includes fims like 'Rescued by Ruby', 'Home Team', 'Richie Rich', 'Final Destination' etc. But jokes aside – seems like it was actually a good idea.

Such a good idea that it almost looks like a carefully coordinated marketing plan.

Team short attention span, where you at?

Now that the Internet appears to be full of short movies' fans, led by Pete Davidson, they know where on Netflix they can find what they crave. The question is – are the films lasting over an hour really called "long-a** movies" now?

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